Who we are

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Why we are different

Who we are

Thien Phu Forest Products Processing Co., Ltd
Founded in 1995, first named as Thien Phu Private Enterprise, at District 9, HCMC with total area of 9,000m².

By 2003, Thien Phu Wood built the first factory in Di An, Binh Duong with total area of 20,000m². In 2008, the second factory is built with total area of 30,000m², focus on doing Rubber Wood Sawn Timber.

In 2013, Finger Joint laminated board production line is developed in Factory I.

In 2014 to now, officially renamed to Thien Phu Wood serving customers’ needs domestically and internationally

Having been 25 years in the industry, Thien Phu Wood is one of the pioneers in processing, manufacturing and distributing wood products. Especially, we can do customized size as per customers’ orders.

With the motto always ensure quality, long term cooperation and strong connection, Thien Phu guarantees to bring to customers the best quality products with peace of mind service.



Thien Phu Wood  – Our vision is to give an excellent level of customer service and satisfaction by providing quality timber products a high level of service, and by forging strong relationships with our stakeholders. We are dedicated to create a workplace that respects and values people from all backgrounds, to be the best they can be and offer challenging, satisfying work. We aim to foster the growth and development of our employees by creating an atmosphere of openness, teamwork, resourcefulness and innovation.


To be a quality company committed to excellence in all phases of our
operation. To be on the leading edge of our industry and to provide
superior, cost-effective products to our customers.


To apply the highest standards of business integrity and provide a
positive, ethical working environment for our employees.



Create cooperation with the motto of prestige
and trust comprehensive idea to support mutual development.


To contribute to the society the green living
environment, giving charity to elderly people and homeless children,
making a better life and a happier society.


We expect every individual, team will be more mature after every orders, and that is also the longing pride to conquer new horizons.

“Innovation is the key for development” – We understand that creativity is tobring the best Value to customers.

We care and willing to solve even the smallest of problems of customers andemployees.

Thien Phu Wood always acts to prepare in advance to welcome and grasp newopportunities.

Using resources effectively is what makes us grow.

Why we are different

Our power comes from our people

The strength of the collective is the strength of each individual. The strength of each individual is the strength of the whole organization.
Yes, it is not difficult for you to feel this very different thing at Thien Phu Forest Product Processing One Member Limited Company, this culture has ingrained deeply into each individual, making us feel like this. is my second home. Here, we are not proud of being the Company with the highest salary, or the best product, but what makes us feel more proud is his satisfaction, hard work. sisters of the workers and employees. This spirit does not come from the urge, or to follow deadlines, but comes from the sense of responsibility of each individual to the organization, or simply with the work you are doing.
Perhaps you will be startled when we say that our customers are not God # 1, Thien Phu’s # 1 God is the individuals working here. We cherish them, and of course, here there is no distinction between positions, because we work together, self-improvement and complementary. Since then, difficulties in work or personal life are also easy to share, sympathy and help.
In the context of the market, there are 9 out of 10 Start-up Companies that declare bankruptcy, for many reasons. The longevity of Thien Phu Wood in the industry with nearly 25 years of operation is a veritable number, and we believe that the human factor is the key to the longevity of this time. There are many brothers and sisters who have been with the Company almost their youth, 15 years together contributing to building 1 Company, above all 1 Dai Gia Dinh, we love each other and come. At present, we are still working side by side to write success stories of customers, partner satisfaction, and the reliability of workers.
Indeed, Thien Phu Wood is the enthusiasm, tears and sweat of the previous generation’s class, and his long experience, willing to pass on to the following juniors. We do not allow the spirit of “hidden”, want to know to be good to learn, this spirit has ingrained in each individual, so that from there, we have a stronger “army”.
And you, if you are still looking for a place to stick, to work, to cooperate, or simply to let us know more about each other, what are you waiting for without sending immediately. We have a letter expressing aspirations.
We always welcome you.
Sincerely yours,
Thien Phu Forest Products Processing Co., Ltd